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The Beehive A's was founded in 1982 for the purpose of fostering fellowship and encouraging the acquisition, restoration, and showing the Ford Model A, which was produced from 1928 through 1931.  Most importantly, we encourage owners to drive their cars!  The Model A was built for driving, and they are fun!  Tours are scheduled for the warm weather months, and include local as well as longer distance destinations.

The Club meets monthly, generally on the second Monday of the month.  Presently, the meetings are held at 7:00 pm at the Pleasant Valley Library, 5568 South Adams Avenue, Washington Terrace.  During the summer months, the meeting location will be at a member's home or shop.  Check the Upcoming Events page or the Rumbleseat Review for the location.  Membership dues are  $20.00 a year, and include our montly newsletter, The Rumbleseat Review.  Technical discussions are held at most meetings, which allow members with experience on a particular aspect of the Model A to share their knowledge with others.

Club Bylaws: (As Amended, 1-15-2019)
By-laws (click to view By-laws)

Current Member Roster Note:  A username and a password are now required.  Call or email the webmaster for member access.

The roster is now located on the Members Page.  Go there to view the roster.  If your name is highlighted in Green, then your 2020 dues have been recorded as paid.

Membership Application Form (mail to Club Secretary/Treasurer):
MembershipApplication (click to view Membership Application) (Revised 5-15-12)

Have you renewed your Model A Registration yet?  Most members have a due date of January 31.  If so, you should receive your renewal in the mail in the next few days.  The process is easy...just go to the Renewal Express web page, fill in your license number and PIN number (as indicated on the renewal form), and follow the steps indicated.  You'll need to provide a credit card number. 


Notice:  Our annual dues are $20.00, payable in December of the previous year.  Members receive a monthly Newsletter, the Rumbleseat Review, and are included in our Membership roster and are invited to Club activities. 

As a reminder, the Bank charges us $10.00 for a returned check fee.  We will pass this fee on to the person issuing the check.

Here's our Treasurer's name and address:

(801) 497-6594 (C)

Club Officers:  We held our annual Election on November 12:  Our President is Rick Berry, Dennis Thompson is our President-Elect, our Vice President is Rudy Eilander; our Secretary/ Treasurer is Jim Brown, and our Newsletter Editor is Richard Kotter.  The Historian Position has been filled by Holly Jenkins.  Randy Christiansen is our Club Reporter (MAFCA Reporter for us). Installation of the Officers was at the Christmas Party last December 11.  Contact information is posted on the Club Officers Page. 

New! The November Rumbleseat Review is now available on the Newsletter page! 

Notice...  An amendment to our ByLaws has been approved.  In it, we proposed to change the requirement for all club members to be members of MAFCA, to be encouraged to join MAFCA. This was approved on 1-14-2019 by unanimous vote of the members. The change:

Bylaw change proposal 1-19

The revised ByLaws are available at the link above, labeled Club by-laws.

  Our club is encouraging you to get a photo taken with your favorite car, and then email it to the webmaster for inclusion in our web site.  His email address is:

Click on the .pdf file names below to pull up the Fords and Folks
 I have so far (send me an email with your photo!):

Photo Album

Photo Album p 2

Disclaimer:  The following web sites are given in good faith.  The Beehive A's makes no representation of the value or honesty of any supplier or classified ad in these links.  If you know of another supplier from whom you have received good service, please contact the Webmaster.

Idaho Antique Engines (engine repair, rebuilding):
Bud Cheney
Idaho Falls, ID
208 522-4074

Model A Ford Club of America: 

Ford Barn (information, classifieds): 

Bert's (parts supplier): 

Bratton's (parts supplier):

Model A Horns (horn repair, rebuilding):
Jim Diehl
2534 Duffy Dr.
Cadillac, MI 49601
231 577-1375
trapperjd at aol dot com

Snyder's (parts supplier): 

Clean-Sweep Windshield Wiper Motor Service 
Vacuum Motors Repaired, Restored, Rebuilt
Kent Jaquith
2633 SW Obsidian #15
Redmond, OR 97756
541 923-4319

Jay Leno's Garage (check out the 1832 Steam Engine video!): 

For information on this site, or for changes/updates to the Membership Roster, contact the Webmaster, Jim Brown:  (801) 497-6594 (c)



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